Accepted Papers

Full Papers (Research and Industry)

Fast Transportation Network Traversal with Hyperedges (Industrial Paper)
Petko Bakalov, Erik Hoel and Wee-Liang Heng

Demand Driven Store Placement via Multiple Spatial-temporal Data
Mengwen Xu, Tianyi Wang, Zhengwei Wu, Jingbo Zhou, Jian Li and Haishan Wu

A Traffic Flow Approach to Early Detection of Gathering Events
Xun Zhou, Amin Vahedian, Alex Liu, Zubair Shafiq and Fan Zhang

Particle Filter for Real-time Human Mobility Prediction following Unprecedented Disaster
Akihito Sudo, Takehiro Kashiyama, Takahiro Yabe, Hiroshi Kanasugi, Xuan Song, Tomoyuki Higuchi, Shin'Ya Nakano, Masaya Saito and Yoshihide Sekimoto

Activity-based ridesharing: Increasing flexibility by time geography
Yaoli Wang, Ronny Kutadinata and Stephan Winter

From Verbal Route Descriptions to Sketch Maps in Natural Environments
Lamia Belouaer, David Brosset and Christophe Claramunt

Deducing Individual Driving Preferences for User-Aware Navigation
Stefan Funke, S_ren Laue and Sabine Storandt

Managing Massive Trajectories on the Cloud
Jie Bao, Ruiyuan Li, Xiuwen Yi and Yu Zheng

SAGEL: Smart Address Geocoding Engine for Supply-Chain Logistics
Abhranil Chatterjee, Janit Anjaria, Sourav Roy, Arnab Ganguli and Krishanu Seal

MultiCalib: National-Scale Traffic Model Calibration in Real Time with Multi-source Incomplete Data
Desheng Zhang, Fan Zhang and Tian He

A Markov Chain Based Pruning Method for Predictive Range Queries
Xiaofeng Xu, Li Xiong, Vaidy Sunderam and Yonghui Xiao

Knowledge-Based Trajectory Completion from Sparse GPS Samples
Yang Li, Yangyan Li, Dimitrios Gunopulos and Leonidas Guibas

Bicycle-Sharing Systems Expansion: Station Re-Deployment through Crowd Planning
Jiawei Zhang, Xiao Pan, Moyin Li and Philip S. Yu

Finding Multiple New Optimal Locations in a Road Network
Ruifeng Liu, Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Zitong Chen, Silu Huang and Yubao Liu

Spatiotemporal Topic Association Detection on Tweets
Zhi Liu, Yan Huang, Joshua Trampier and James Kang

Forecasting Citywide Crowd Flows Based on Big Data
Minh Hoang, Yu Zheng and Ambuj Singh

Scalable Spatial Scan Statistics through Sampling
Michael Matheny, Jeff Phillips, Raghvendra Singh, Kaiqiang Wang and Liang Zhang

Coverage and Diversity Aware Top-k Query for Spatio-Temporal Posts
Paras Mehta, Dimitrios Skoutas, Dimitris Sacharidis and Agnès Voisard

Massively Parallel Algorithms for Computing TIN DEMs and Contour Trees for Large Terrains
Abhinandan Nath, Kyle Fox, Pankaj K. Agarwal and Kamesh Munagala

A Simple Efficient Approximation Algorithm for Dynamic Time Warping
Rex Ying, Jiangwei Pan, Kyle Fox and Pankaj K. Agarwal

Enhancing scene parsing by transferring structures via efficient low-rank graph matching
Tianshu Yu and Ruisheng Wang

Temporal Map Labeling: A New Unified Framework with Experiments
Lukas Barth, Benjamin Niedermann, Martin N_llenburg and Darren Strash

Implementing data-dependent triangulations with higher order Delaunay triangulations
Natalia Rodr’guez and Rodrigo Silveira

Gloria: A Batch Friendly Indexing And Storage Framework
Rachid Kachemir, Brad Kellett and Krishna Behara

A Framework for Evacuation Hotspot Detection after Large Scale Disasters using Location Data from Smartphones: Case Study of Kumamoto Earthquake
Takahiro Yabe, Kota Tsubouchi, Akihito Sudo and Yoshihide Sekimoto

Automatic Geographic Metadata Correction for Sensor-Rich Video Sequences
Yifang Yin, Guanfeng Wang and Roger Zimmermann

Finding Non-Dominated Paths in Uncertain Road Networks
Saad Aljubayrin, Bin Yang, Christian Jensen and Rui Zhang

A concise summary of spatial anomalies and its application in efficient real-time driving behaviour monitoring
Thanh Lam Hoang

Prediction of Meteorological Parameters: An A-posteriori Probabilistic Semantic Kriging Approach
Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee, Soumya Ghosh and Shashi Shekhar

Privacy-Friendly Mobility Analytics using Aggregate Location Data
Apostolos Pyrgelis, Emiliano De Cristofaro and Gordon Ross

Scalable Estimation of Precision Maps in a MapReduce Framework
Claus Brenner

Efficient In-Memory Indexing of Network-Constrained Trajectories
Benjamin Krogh, Christian Jensen and Kristian Torp

Price-aware Real-time Ridesharing at Scale - An Auction-based Approach
Mohammad Asghari, Dingxiong Deng, Cyrus Shahabi, Ugur Demiryurek and Yaguang Li

A Topological Algorithm for Determining How Road Networks Evolve Over Time
Michael T. Goodrich, Siddharth Gupta and Manuel R. Torres

Study of different retrieval techniques for image matching in large scale maps
Mehul Divecha and Shawn Newsam

GCMF: An Efficient End-to-End Spatial Join System over Large Polygonal Datasets on GPGPU Platform
Danial Aghajarian, Satish Puri and Sushil Prasad

Data depth based clustering analysis
Myeong-Hun Jeong, Yaping Cai, Clair J. Sullivan and Shaowen Wang

Differentially Private Publication of Location Entropy
Hien To, Kien Nguyen and Cyrus Shahabi

GeoTrend: Spatial Trending Queries on Real-time Microblogs
Amr Magdy, Ahmed Aly, Mohamed Mokbel, Sameh Elnikety, Yuxiong He, Suman Nath and Walid Aref

Atlas: On the Expression of Spatial-Keyword Group Queries Using Extended Relational Constructs (Systems Paper)
Walid Aref, Ahmed Mahmood, Ahmed Aly and Mingjie Tang

Poster Papers

Predicting Interactions and Contexts with Context Trees
Alasdair Thomason, Nathan Griffiths and Victor Sanchez

The k-Optimal Meeting Points based on Preferred Paths
Elham Ahmadi and Mario A. Nascimento

Mining City-Wide Encounters in Real-Time
Anthony Quattrone, Lars Kulik and Egemen Tanin

Who Goes There? Approaches to Mapping Facial Appearance Diversity
Zachary Bessinger, Chris Stauffer and Nathan Jacobs

An Online Localization Method for a Subway Train Utilizing a Barometer on a Smartphone
Satoshi Hyuga, Masaki Ito, Masayuki Iwai and Kaoru Sezaki

Improving Mobility in Smart Cities with Intelligent Tourist Trip Planning
Petar Mrazovic, Josep L. Larriba-Pey and Mihhail Matskin

Mining the Most Influential k-Location Set from Massive Trajectories
Jie Bao, Yuhong Li, Yanhua Li, Yu Zheng, Yingcai Wu and Zhiguo Gong

Scalable 3D Spatial Queries for Analytical Pathology Imaging with MapReduce
Yanhui Liang, Hoang Vo, Ablimit Aji, Jun Kong and Fusheng Wang

LEDS: Local Event Discovery and Summarization from Tweets
Zhi Liu, Yan Huang and Joshua Trampier

Predicting Irregular Individual Movement following Frequent Mid-Level Disasters using Location Data from Smartphones
Takahiro Yabe, Kota Tsubouchi, Yoshihide Sekimoto and Akihito Sudo

A SMART Approach to Quality Assessment of Site-Based Spatio-Temporal Data
Douglas Galarus and Rafal Angryk

A visual and computational analysis approach for exploring significant locations and time periods along a bus route
Jean Damascène Mazimpaka and Sabine Timpf

Real-time Urban Population Monitoring Using Pervasive Sensor Network
Gautam S. Thakur, Teja Kuruganti, Stephen Killough, Miljko Bobrek, James Nutaro, Cheng Liu and Wei Lu

Unsupervised Annotated City Traffic Map Generation
Rohit Verma, Surjya Ghosh, Aviral Shrivastava, Niloy Ganguly, Bivas Mitra and Sandip Chakraborty

Location Corroborations by Mobile Devices Without Traces
Yaron Kanza

ADCN: An Anisotropic Density-Based Clustering Algorithm for Discovering Spatial Point Patterns with Noise
Gengchen Mai, Krzysztof Janowicz, Yingjie Hu and Song Gao

A Simple Baseline for Travel Time Estimation using Large-Scale Trip Data
Hongjian Wang, Yu-Hsuan Kuo, Daniel Kifer and Zhenhui Li

On-demand aggregation of gridded data over user-specified spatio-temporal domains
Joel E Tosado, Guadalupe Canahuate, Gheorghi Guzun and Ricardo Mantilla

Quantitative Evaluation of Public Spaces using Crowd Replication
Samuli Hemminki, Keisuke Kuribayashi, Shin'Ichi Konomi, Petteri Nurmi and Sasu Tarkoma

RxSpatial: The Reactive Spatial Library
Youying Shi, Abdeltawab Hendawi, Jayant Gupta, Hossam Fattah and Mohamed Ali

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of the Topology of Swarm Behavior with Persistence Landscapes
Padraig Corcoran and Christopher Jones

Polygon Consensus: Smart Crowdsourcing for Extracting Building Footprints from Historical Maps
Benedikt Budig, Thomas C. Van Dijk, Fabian Feitsch and Mauricio Giraldo Arteaga

Personalized Location Models with Adaptive Mixtures
Moshe Lichman, Dimitrios Kotzias and Padhraic Smyth

A Spatio-Temporal, Gaussian Process Regression, Real-Estate Price Predictor
Henry Crosby, Stephen Jarvis, Paul Davis and Theo Damoulas

Interpreting Traffic Dynamics using Ubiquitous Urban Data
Fei Wu, Zhenhui Li and Hongjian Wang

City form and well-being: what makes London neighborhoods good places to live?
Alessandro Venerandi, Giovanni Quattrone and Licia Capra

User Identification in Cyber-Physical Space: a Case Study on Mobile Query Logs and Trajectories
Tianyi Hao, Jingbo Zhou, Yunsheng Cheng, Longbo Huang and Haishan Wu

Multi-user Routing to Single Destination with Confluence
Kazuki Takise, Masatoshi Yoshikawa and Yasuhito Asano

Location Privacy for Group Meetups
A. K. M. Mustafizur Rahman Khan, Lars Kulik and Egemen Tanin

A Distantly Supervised Method for Extracting Spatio-Temporal Information from Text
Seyed Iman Mirrezaei, Bruno Martins and Isabel F. Cruz

Scalable User Assignment in Power Grid: A Data Driven Approach
Bo Lyu, Shijian Li, Yanhua Li, Jie Fu, Andrew Trapp, Haiyong Xie and Yong Liao

Spatio-Temporal Sentiment Hotspot Detection Using Geotagged Photos
Yi Zhu and Shawn Newsam

From Raw RFID Data to Most Probable Indoor Paths: An Approach Based on Regular Expression Matching
Asif Iqbal Baba, Hua Lu, Wei-Shinn Ku and Torben Bach Pedersen

LOCAl: Personalized cache mechanism for Location-Based Social Networks
Dimitrios Tomaras, Ioannis Boutsis, Vana Kalogeraki and Dimitrios Gunopulos

Real-time Detection and Classification of Traffic Jams from Probe Data
Bo Xu, Tiffany Barkley, Andrew Lewis, Jane MacFarlane, Davide Pietrobon and Matei Stroila

Demonstration Papers

A spatial column-store to triangulate The Netherlands on the fly
Romulo Goncalves, Tom van Tilburg, Kostis Kyzirakos, Foteini Alvanaki, Panagiotis Koutsourakis, Ben Van Werkhoven and Willem Vanæhage

CrimeStand: Spatial Tracking of Criminal Activity
Faizan Wajid and Hanan Samet

MoTRIS: A Framework for Route Planning on Multimodal Transportation Networks (Demo Paper)
Theodoros Chondrogiannis, Johann Gamper, Roberto Cavaliere and Patrick Ohnewein

Progressive streaming and massive rendering of 3D city models on Web-based virtual Globe
Quocdinh Nguyen, Mathieu Bredif, Didier Richard and Nicolas Paparoditis

CDO: Extremely High-Throughput Road Distance Computations on City Road Networks (Demo Paper)
Shangfu Peng and Hanan Samet

Towards Interactive Analytics and Visualization on One Billion Tweets
Jianfeng Jia, Chen Li, Xi Zhang, Chen Li, Michael Carey and Simon Su

Spatial In-Memory Big Data Analytics (Demo Paper)
Dong Xie, Feifei Li, Bin Yao, Gefei Li, Zhongpu Chen, Liang Zhou and Minyi Guo

Automatic Detection and Matching of Geospatial Properties in Transportation Data Sources (Demo Paper)
Ali Masri, Karine Zeitouni, Zoubida Kedad and Bertrand Leroy

Immersive Tangible Geospatial Modeling (Demo Paper)
Payam Tabrizian, Anna Petrasova, Brendan Harmon, Vaclav Petras, Helena Mitasova and Ross Meetenmeyer

Assisted Journey Recollections from Photo Streams (Demo Paper)
Tyng-Ruey Chuang, Jheng-Peng Huang, Hsin-Huei Lee, Kae-An Liu and Huang-Sin Syu

SOLEV: A Video Generation Framework for Solar Events from Mixed Data Sources (Demo Paper)
Soukaina Filali Boubrahimi, Berkay Aydin, Dustin Kempton and Rafal Angryk

A Framework for Updating Multi-Criteria Optimal Location Query (Demo Paper)
Po-Wei Harn, Ji Zhang, Min-Te Sun and Wei-Shinn Ku

DNN-Based Prediction Model for Spatial-Temporal Data
Junbo Zhang, Yu Zheng, Dekang Qi, Ruiyuan Li and Xiuwen Yi

Pyspatiotemporalgeom: A Python Library for Spatiotemporal Types and Operations -- Demo Paper
Mark Mckenney, Niharika Nyalakonda, Jarrod McEvers and Mitchell Shipton

PlanetSense: PlanetSense: Gathering Geo-spatial Intelligence from Crowd-sourced and Social-media Data
Gautam S. Thakur, Kevin Sparks, Roger Li, Robert Stewart and Marie Urban

A Demonstration of SHAREK: An Efficient Matching Framework for Ride Sharing Systems
Louai Alarabi, Mohamed F. Mokbel, Bin Cao, Liwei Zhao and Anas Basalamah

Vision Papers

BigGIS: A Continuous Refinement Approach to Master Heterogeneity and Uncertainty in Spatio-Temporal Big Data (Vision Paper)
Patrick Wiener, Manuel Stein, Daniel Seebacher, Julian Bruns, Matthias T. Frank, Viliam Simko, Stefan Zander and Jens Nimis

On Supporting Compilation in Spatial Query Engines (Vision Paper)
Ruby Tahboub and Tiark Rompf

Autonomous car and ride sharing: flexible road trains (Vision Paper)
Niels Agatz, Ana Bazzan, Ronny Kutadinata, Dirk Christian Mattfeld, Monika Sester, Stephan Winter and Ouri Wolfson

Knowing Without Telling: Integrating Sensors, Map Information and everything else for Creating an Artificial Companion
Marjan Alirezaie, Franziska KlŸgl and Amy Loutfi

Vision: A Micro Location Aware Services
Abdeltawab Hendawi, M Khalefa, Harry Lu, Mohamed Ali and John Stankovic